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One app to rule them all. Station is the first smart browser for busy people. A single place for all of your web applications.



Lost in tabs?

Stay organized with the smart dock. Station automatically groups your pages by application. Your workspace is cleaner than ever, finding what you need is easy.

Context-switching is a pain?

Multitask like a beast with the quick switch. An easy central way to search across your apps and pages. Any document, to-do list, spreadsheet or conversation is just a click away!

Getting distracted easily?

Get stuff done with the focus mode. Decide when and which applications should send you notifications. Get your best work done away from distractions.

There’s more!

screenshot Page autosleep

We intelligently sleep applications so that slow-downs remain a thing of the past.

screenshot Multi-account

Log into multiple accounts at the same time, without any hassle.

screenshot Chrome extensions

1Password, Mixmax, Gmelius, Clearbit and Mailtracker are already supported. Dozens incoming.

Features Overview

Smart Dock

To avoid ending up with 20+ tabs stacking up on top of each other, all pages are automatically grouped by app.

Do Not Disturb

Stay focused all day long by muting notifications across all your apps. With just one click.

App Mute

Mute some apps notifications while keeping others active. Be interrupted solely for things that matter to you.

Unified Search for Google Drive

Easily find any document across all your Google Drive accounts. That spreadsheet, presentation or working paper is just a second away!


Add as many accounts to your Station as you want: your different Gmail, Google Drive or Slack profiles are all neatly integrated. Centralize everything

Recent Documents

Quickly switch between your last used pages: with one simple keyboard shortcut, you can see all the documents you’ve been working on.

Notification Center

Have an overview of the different notifications you’ve received across all your apps. It’s as simple as that.

Auto Sleep

Apps are dynamically loaded & unloaded as you use them, making Station lighter on your CPU than most browsers.

Easy Bookmark

Keep any page easily accessible at all times, what else?

Team Repository

Get an overview of all the apps used by your teammates!

Public App Store

With 600 web apps and counting, you’ll find all you need in our public app store. Centralize everything

Custom Apps

Add public, team specific or private apps to your Station with just a few clicks.


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