Is this project under development indefinitely?

This started out as a little project for personal use, in order to automate the things we do when we "fix someones laptop". You know, clean Windows, install some software, spice things up with rotating wallpapers.

Then in 2013, as some colleagues started using this too, we set out to make things a bit more friendly.

However, this remains a spare time project, and we only work on it a few moments here and there.

We did ditch that funky alpha version though. ;)

Is this safe?

Well, we use it ourselves to batch-install software and dynamic wallpapers. We haven't given much thought to figuring out how to explain the process and show it is safe. It doesn't help that Chrome recently phased out direct communication with dotNET. So now we need a Native Messaging Host to communicate with dotNET from Chrome.

If you don't want to use the extension for Chrome, you can simply use this website in Internet Explorer without any extensions. There is a bug though (in older versions) that you can only install one piece of software at a time.

Second, the technique that assists in batch installing (Chocolatey) consists of a community of volunteers that publish scripts catering the silent installation of installers downloaded from the original source. These packages are peer reviewed by moderators before they can be used, and their source can be inspected in the Chocolatey Gallery.

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The devs,

        Chillosophy & Redsandro.