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An Explorer extension to calculate file checksums for many hash algorithms.


HashTab provides OS extensions to calculate file hashes.

To use, just right-click on any file and select Properties. The new tab called “File Hashes” is Hashtab!


  • Calculate and display hash values from over two dozen popular hashing algorithms like MD5, SHA1, SHA2, RipeMD, HAVAL and Whirlpool. Now, SHA3 too!
  • The hash comparison tool supports drag and drop, copy and paste and even has a built-in browse option.
  • Translated into 27 languages and counting, Hashtab has been downloaded millions of times from over 200 different countries.
  • The perfect way to validate the integrity of a file download. Or use it to quickly compare local files and compute hashes for use in other programs.
  • Purposely designed to feel like a native feature of Windows. Simply select any file, go to properties, and use the new “File Hashes” tab.
  • Save hashes to checksum files

License Note:

There is no license fee if HashTab is installed on your personal Computers or if the software is installed on Computers owned and operated by a non-commercial, charitable, or chartered educational organization. After a 30 day evaluation, all other users and organizations must purchase a license key or uninstall and discontinue using the Software. For more information on obtaining a commercial license key, please visit http://implbits.com or contact sales@implbits.com.


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