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Free, open-source, cross-platform, disk encryption software


Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux.


TrueCrypt is currently unmaintained (since May 2014), which may have security implications. The original website and forums have been taken offline. For more information, see Wikipedia and the community website for plans on continuing development under a different name as required by the TrueCrypt license v3.0.

Security audit

Dec 2013: Prior to TrueCrypt developers abandoning the software, its security was brought to question and a public audit was called for and successfully funded on a public crowd-funding website. May 2014: The anonymous TrueCrypt developers announce no further development of TrueCrypt and recommend Windows users to migrate to BitLocker, the closed source encryption available in certain versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX users migrate to OS’ native encryption tools in Disk Utility. Apr 2015: The security audit is completed of TrueCrypt version 7.1a and published on https://opencryptoaudit.org/. The entirety of the final report is available as a PDF. An excerpt from that report follows:

The Open Crypto Audit Project engaged Cryptography Services (CS) to perform a scoped engagement on portions of TrueCrypt’s cryptographic implementations and use. This review was narrowly scoped to specific aspects of the application, and was time-boxed to an engagement length that was deemed sufficient to give adequate coverage of the components in place. […] CS identified four (4) issues, and none led to a complete bypass of confidentiality in common usage scenarios. The standard workflow of creating a volume and making use of it was reviewed, and no significant flaws were found that would impact it.

Version 7.2

Concurrent to the May 2014 announcement of abandoning the project and recommending users migrate to other software, version 7.2 was released as a closed source installer of TrueCrypt intended for migrating encrypted TrueCrypt containers to other encryption software.

Due to the unexpected and suspicious announcement and lack of information detailing any changes or fixes made to the installer, it is generally advised not to install version 7.2 for cautious users.

Version 7.1a

Although open source version 7.1a was released 7 February 2012, no critical security issues are known and it has been found reliable and stable.

This package installs version 7.1a



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