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Your access to the OCLC system for cataloging


OCLC Connexion® is your access to the OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) system for cataloging.

Catalogers can use the Connexion client for the following functions:

  • Customize WorldCat search and browse index lists
  • Create and edit bibliographic records, including constant data
  • Open MARC field Help from Bibliographic Formats and Standards for immediate field descriptions as you catalog
  • Use authority records and control headings in bibliographic records
  • Take OCLC actions on records
  • Take OCLC actions on multiple records selected in a list
  • Export records
  • Print labels
  • Import records
  • Open OCLC system news
  • Report errors in bibliographic and authority records to OCLC quality control staff
  • Search the Library of Congress (LC) authority file
  • Complete Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO) activities
  • Conduct peer reviews of records
  • Open a WebDewey-only session
  • Access your library’s OCLC usage statistics
  • Insert data from cited records automatically
  • Select validation options for setting holdings and exporting
  • Open a local holdings maintenance browser window to maintain local holdings records for WorldCat records
  • Catalog electronic resources by automatically extracting metadata and creating a preliminary workform
  • Search for superseded LC authority history records; opening LC distributed authority record from a history record and vice versa
  • Open guided entry windows to edit or insert fields 006, 541, or 583
  • Display a record in a “Find in a Library” view in WorldCat.org
  • Export bibliographic records using either MARC 21 (default) or one of the following Dublin Core record standards
    • For export, select Dublin Core Qualified, Dublin Core Simple, OCLC Dublin Core Qualified, or OCLC Dublin Core Simple
    • For import, select Dublin Core Qualified or Dublin Core SimpleNote: Dublin Core standards are structured in XML
  • Access SCIPIO records describing art and rare book sales catalogs for sales from the late sixteenth century to the present
  • Catalog offline and online
  • Validate records offline
  • Use local save files as well as your library’s online save file
  • Create local constant data records, as well as online constant data, to insert often used MARC-formatted content
  • Batch process WorldCat and LC authority file searches
  • Batch process OCLC actions on records, including exports and label printing
  • Batch process setting or deleting holdings by OCLC number without first downloading the records
  • Create text strings to insert frequently used data
  • Write macros or use a macro recorder to automate frequent tasks
  • Use the client’s built-in label printing capability
  • Print local accessions lists
  • Create multiple user profiles (sets of client options) to catalog for more than one library
  • Check spelling in records
  • Choice of multiple language for the interface
  • Supports all Unicode scripts through Unicode version 8.0.0.
  • Automatically transliterate romanized data in Arabic and Persian records to Arabic script data (two ways)
  • Validate MARC-8 characters separately from record validation
  • Convert invalid CJK characters to MARC-8 automatically
  • Upload digital files to a CONTENTdm collection and automatically add field 856 to the WorldCat record that contains the URL to open the digital content (for authorized CONTENTdm users with correct setup only)
  • Define a startup action or macro to run each time you open the client
  • Use quick tools for entering command line WorldCat searches and for using and managing text strings and user tools
  • Set up a Z39.50 access to your library’s integrated local system (ILS) to retrieve local bibliographic records
  • Install and use RLIN21 keyboards for entering Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Latin scripts
  • Add variant name headings using MARC-8 non-Latin character sets to LC authority file records


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