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All You Can Watch, All the video content you enjoy in one place.


Features ### Discover new content with ease

Easily discover new movies, TV shows, series and channels to watch. Browse by category, genre, rating, recency, etc. or simply type a name to find. Stremio makes finding new video content a piece of cake. screenshot ### All of your video content on one screen See what movies, series or videos you didn’t finish and continue watching them; get notified for new episodes and releases; and browse through the recommendations you will get based on your viewing habits. screenshot ### Organize your video library Add any title to your Stremio library with a single click and find your way around your content, neatly arranged by type, recency, or alphabetical order. screenshot ### Keep track of everything you watch Get a calendar visualization of all the movies and series you add to your library. Export your Stremio calendar and sync it so you always know when a new episode or a premier is due. screenshot ### Enjoy your video content on a bigger screen Cast whatever you are watching to another device - be it a phone, tablet or a TV with a single click. ### Watch video from many different sources Install official and community add-ons to enjoy video sourced from many different providers - all in one sleek, easy to use app: iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube…


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