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LibreELEC USB/SD Card image writing app


This is a lightweight image writing app with a simple four-step GUI for creating LibreELEC USB/SD Card installation media on Linux, macOS and Windows. It automatically displays the currently available downloads (defaulting to the latest release) and detects OS locale to switch the GUI to a matching local language.

LibreELEC is a lightweight ‘Just enough OS’ Linux distribution purpose-built for Kodi on current and popular mediacentre hardware. We forked from the OpenELEC project in March 2016 when it became clear the original project could no longer operate effectively with one person in charge, and with that one person refusing to communicate or listen to other team members (untested changes in public releases was a frequent source of friction). Since forking our team has grown, but retains a strong focus on stable development. We also believe passionately in the long-term value of collaboration and upstreaming code instead of hoarding patches, and we participate actively with other Open Source projects and the ecosystem of regular and drive-by contributors that surround us. LibreELEC remains Kodi oriented but we too have been forked to provide the stable JeOS base for Plex Embedded, Lakka, and a number of single-purpose IoT and maker projects.


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