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Markdown Monster is an easy to use and extensible Markdown Editor and Viewer and Weblog Publisher


Markdown Monster is an easy to use and extensible Markdown Editor and Viewer and Weblog Publisher by West Wind Technologies. The editor sports syntax colored editing of Markdown text, inline spell checking, live, synced HTML preview, clipboard pasting, embedding, and dragging of images, code, links and Emoji and built-in support for screen captures. There is support for text snippet expansion and C# script execution to automate and extend Markdown Monster. But above all the editor’s goal is to get out of your way and let you focus on your content creation, and provide you with tools to get your job done efficiently. Documents can be saved as HTML or Pdf files, you can generate HTML from partial selections and you can even convert some HTML to Markdown. Markdown Monster can also publish your Markdown directly to your Weblog that supports WordPress, MetaWebLog or Medium APIs. You can manage multiple blogs and even download existing HTML posts as Markdown. Markdown Monster can also be extended using an easy, but powerful .NET based add-in model and a few useful addins are available to provide features like storing images in Azure Blobs, a reusable Snippets manager, and more. You can also swap Markdown Parsers between Markdig and Pandoc and use another custom Markdown parser via addin integration. Markdown Monster can be downloaded and evaluated for free. This package is unlimited and fully functional, but a license is required for continued use. Although Markdown Monster is licensed software, the source code is available in the open on GitHub. Requires .NET 4.6 or later. A portable, non-admin Chocolatey install is also available in MarkdownMonster.Portable.


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