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LeechCraft is a free open source cross-platform modular live environment.


It has modules for everything:

Full-featured web-browser with support for all major web-standards.
Advanced multiprotocol modular IM client currently supporting XMPP (Jabber), IRC, WLM/MSN, MRIM and quite a few other protocols and with a bunch of features from metacontacts and Off-The-Record support to audio calls.
Collection-oriented media player with a lot of features from gapless playback and transcoding for removable devices to social features like recommended artists and nearby events.
Efficient and fast BitTorrent client with full support for the BitTorrent protocol and all its widespread extensions and magnet links.
Modular document viewer supporting PDF, DjVu, PostScript, MOBI and other formats.
RSS feed reader supporting common feed formats with extensions like MediaRSS or GeoRSS as well as with extensive support for Broadcatching and podcasts and their automatic retrieval.
User-space package manager with its own repository of plugins, themes, icons and much more.
A bunch of Desktop Environment-enabling modules from window manager controller to power manager, taskbar, tray and a customizable panel.
The "Summary" tab that displays all your downloads, updates and statuses (like new articles in news feeds).

LeechCraft is a modular system, and by installing different modules you can customize the feature set, keeping off the things you don’t need and getting a decent IM client, media player or a feed reader, for example.


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